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Preparation and Installation

Diamondback Coatings Epoxy Flooring System offers the strongest and longest lasting epoxy coating system available. Preparation is the #1 component for assuring installation success and showroom quality finishes for your surface.

Diamondback Coatings prepares the surface with a 3 disc, 9 bit planetary diamond grinder that not only opens the pores of the concrete but also profiles the surface like a Spirograph. Once the area is profiled we vacuum the entire surface with an industrial grade dust collector to remove even the finest particles leaving the floor ready for our 3 part coating system.

We don’t cut corners.

Part 1: Once the surface is prepared we apply our 2 part epoxy priming system to seal the surface and assure our system bonds powerfully and seamlessly to the concrete substrate. 

Part 2: After the primer is completely dry we apply the high gloss finish, epoxy base coat of your chosen color, made of Adaptive, 100% Solids Military Grade components with ZERO VOC’s. Once applied, we then spread custom colored EPOXY CHIPS or flecks as they are called (NOT VINYL FLAKES) by hand.

Part 3: And finally, we seal the epoxy surface with our 2 part clear polyurethane, leaving a high gloss, showroom finish to your garage floor that not only look FANTASTIC but protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salts and hot tire lifting along with most all other household solutions. And cleanup is a SNAP without the need to use harsh chemicals or hard brushes.

Diamondback Coatings searched the world over to find the system we install. If there were a better product that offered a great value and protection of our client’s investment, WE WOULD BE USING THEM.

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